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Gold Reef City

Gold Reef city is arguably the most visited attraction for both foreigners and locals alike. Situated just south of the centre of Johannesburg, Gold Reef city was created out of an existing mine where todays visitors can get a safe yet real feel of a gold mine going down into the depths of the tunnels - Read more...

Johannesburg Zoological Gardens

The Johannesburg zoological gardens are not as grand as the Pretoria zoological gardens but they are split in two with Jan Smuts Avenue as the divide. On the one side zoo lake which provides boating on water, playgrounds for children, restaurants and picnic areas.

Johannesburg Packaged Tour


Day 1: Get whisked off to the Lion Park and play with the cubs feed a Giraffe at feeding time and go for a game drive and see lions cheetah and hyena very close up.  Take note this is a full day excursion and there is a restaurant at the Park. Late afternoon head back - Read more...