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4 Day Walking Safari


Day Description Day One The 4 day walking safari leaves Pretoria or Johannesburg early on Friday morning at 6am and travel towards Hoedspruit to the Lowveld and stop for breakfast in picturesque Dullstroom. Once in Hoedspruit get a transfer into a private game camp part of the greater Kruger National Park. Your Private accommodation is - Read more...

Kruger National Park

Kruger Collage

The Kruger National Park is the largest park in Africa and including the trans frontier parks from Zimbabwe and Mozambique it becomes 100 000km2, the size of Portugal. It is home to more than 140 mammal species, 49 Fresh water fish species, 114 different kinds of reptiles and 493 bird species. The backdrop varies from bushveld, - Read more...


Situated at the confluence of the shahse and Limpopo Rivers, Mapungubwe borders Botswana and Zimbabwe. A granite like natural fortress hosted what archaeologist now believe to an ancient and surprisingly advanced culture. Tens of Thousands of artefacts have already been excavated from this and other nearby sites including much gold copper and iron artefacts. Jewellery - Read more...

Long Tom Pass

Long tom pass is a beautiful, windy pass that links Lydenburg on the Drakensberg with Sabie on the escarpment. The Current Long tom pass follows the old wagon route taken in the late 1800’s that linked Lydenburg with Delagoa Bay in Mozambique. Signs posted along the pass are evidence of the hardships experienced by the - Read more...


Lydenburg has a long intimate history of the then Transvaal Republic and has developed into a significant town due to both agricultural and mining activity including alluvial gold. The town still looks and maintains and old “town feel” full of its many historic buildings prominent n its streets.


Old Transvaal Inn

Dullstroom is picturesque and known for its trout fishing. Being at such a high altitude (2076m) it is known at the coldest place in South Africa and as such has unique fauna and flora.

Abel Erasmus Pass

The Abel Erasmus pass is about 11km long and falls from the escarpment into the Lowveld where climate, vegetation and geological phenomenon are in stark contrast from one another.

Three Rondawels

Three Rondawels

At the end of the escarpment, rising between 600m and 800m from the river bed, the canyon is dominated by three rondawels. Like Promontories reminiscent of the three sisters in the great Karoo.  In the river below a dam was constructed. Its wall 72m high, gives the dam a capacity of 54 million m3 cubic - Read more...

Lisbon Falls

Although these falls do not have spectacular height their setting and beauty are a true sight to behold.

Mac Mac Falls

Although these twin falls are south of the Graskop they are an amazing sight falling 65m in lush vegetation, many daring, adventurous activities are available here.