Cape Town

Table Mountain

Cape Town is often referred to as the most beautiful city in the country.  It is guarded by Table Mountain and almost encircled by ocean, the Indian ocean to the east and the Atlantic to the West.  This makes for unique co-existence between man and nature.  Ancient trees form an integral part of the city and gives it a old and gnarled look.

Cape Town, being one of the oldest cities in the country, showcases some most spectacularly magnificent and diverse architectural styles.  Today Cape Town is a mixture of skyscrapers and highways intermingled with cobbled stones and ancient, stately old buildings. Its climate is Mediterranean and its ambiance is cosmopolitan.

If you like statues, Cape Town is the place to go.  Many well known figures are immortalised, from Jan van Riebeeck, Cape Town’s founder, to Queen Victoria.  Cape Town oozes charm, character, a sense of history, beauty as well as activity, fun, glitz, shopping, wining and dining.  For the art lovers there are galleries, music halls, opera houses and more.  Historians can get lost in a fantasy come true.  There is something for everyone in Cape Town.Street markets are also a must.  They are colourful and display local, indigenous and cosmopolitan wares.

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