The Castle Of Good Hope

The “Castle of Good Hope” (known as ‘The Castle’) is the oldest structure in South Africa.  Although it was designed as a defence structure against possible attack, the Castle was never used as such.  Today it is the headquarters of the Western Province Command of the South African Defence Force.  The foundation trenches are nearly 7 metre deep and the Castle was built to withstand the Cape’s weather.  Building began in 1666 and was completed in 1679.  It was declared a Historical Monument in 1936.

In its heyday it was the centre of activity of the town and everyone coming into town had to pass through the toll gate off one the The Castle’s ramparts.  The dungeons can now be visited and are below sea level.  They still give off the tragic and painful existence prisoners had to endure.  The old atmosphere, architecture, design, sculptures and structures are still there and include the William Fehr Collection of priceless Africana, the Dolphin Fountain, sundials, a bakery and restaurant, two museums and more.

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