Apartheid Museum

Across from Gold Reef City, the Apartheid Museum is essentially a museum about this period in South African history, vividly expressed and sometimes a brutal reminder of the past.  It is a museum that keeps you both intellectually and emotionally involved.  It is a very real museum, not just interesting objects on show.  The video - Read more...

Hector Pietersen Square


A place where a piece of South African history is on photographic display.  There is also a memorial of Hector Petersen, the first school child to be killed by the police for rioting against the teaching of certain subjects in Afrikaans in 1976 uprising

Regina Mundi Church


Regina Mundi church An imposing Roman Catholic church in which many important political meetings took place during the struggle against apartheid.  Today it houses an art gallery and guided tours are conducted

Vilakazi Street

Soweto Streets

 Vilazaki street boasts restaurants, coffee shops, community halls, sports centres, churches, and the like either mixed in with the local lifestyle of spaza shops and Shebeens, but is more famously known for being the only street in the world to have the homes of two former Noble Peace Prize winners, Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond - Read more...

National Botanical Gardens


The gardens have a large variety of flowering plants that lend colour to the gardens throughout the year. The garden also houses the national herbarium that contains more than 270 000 plant varieties, most of them indigenous. It is also here that many rare and endangered species are propagated. These gardens have a typical bushveld feel to it - Read more...

Wonderboom Nature Reserve


Like Fountains valley nature reserve, the Wonderboom nature reserve is found in the middle of city life The Wonderboom (ficus Pretorine) is a 700 year old tree that like the banyam tree grows new roots wherever the long slack branches touch the ground forming rings of ever more youthful off shoots. Being of the fig - Read more...

Cradle of Humankind


Tour to Maropeng (the Cradle of Humankind):  Depart at 08h00 and return by 17h00.   Travel through to Maropeng (the Cradle of Humankind) for the full tour including the boat ride.  Lunch at the Tumulus restaurant with its stunning view of Johannesburg.  Then onto the Sterkfontein caves where Mrs  Ples was found and where they are - Read more...

Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary

In a quieter part of Pretoria is found the Austin Roberts bird Sanctuary opened in 1955. It is large park home to more than 100 bird species including the blue crane south Africa’s national bird and several common antelope. In this bird sanctuary is a quaint restaurant overlooking the bird sanctuary and small dam, where - Read more...

Fountains Valley

Fountains valley situated south of Pretoria central is Africa’s first nature reserve, proclaimed by President Paul Kruger in 1895. Fountains valley is the source of the Apies River that runs through the Pretoria zoological gardens and for many years after the establishment of the fountains valley reserve, the water was used exclusively for the Zoo. - Read more...

Tswaing Crater Environmental Centre


This “museum’  began to take shape with the enthusiastic contributions by local interested parties of township people living on the outskirts of this 220 000 year old meteorite crater. Today apart from the meteorite crater itself it holds a herd of indigenous cattle breed which is being preserved as a gene pool. Tswaing (Tswana for - Read more...