Hector Pietersen Square


A place where a piece of South African history is on photographic display.  There is also a memorial of Hector Petersen, the first school child to be killed by the police for rioting against the teaching of certain subjects in Afrikaans in 1976 uprising

Regina Mundi Church


Regina Mundi church An imposing Roman Catholic church in which many important political meetings took place during the struggle against apartheid.  Today it houses an art gallery and guided tours are conducted

Vilakazi Street

Soweto Streets

 Vilazaki street boasts restaurants, coffee shops, community halls, sports centres, churches, and the like either mixed in with the local lifestyle of spaza shops and Shebeens, but is more famously known for being the only street in the world to have the homes of two former Noble Peace Prize winners, Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond - Read more...


Soweto Streets

Soweto is an acronym for South Western Townships.  During the apartheid years, this township was established to house people of black African origin.  They worked in the city, but were housed outside its perimeter.  Over the years the township grew and is today the largest of its type in the country, but now it is - Read more...

Historical Sites


 Willem Prinsloo Agricultural Museums Open all week there are special craft activities performed on Saturdays. It is an open air museum depicting farm life in the Transvaal when farm people still made their own candles distilled their own spirits, baked their own bread and only the more wealthy and enterprising ploughed their fields with steam - Read more...