Eco Famba

Famba Famba is committed to the environment.  As Tour Design Specialists we try to invoke a real feeling for the need to appreciate our natural world and for its continuation.

Eco Famba aims at giving you the opportunity to visit and experience places of conservation, rehabilitation and hope for the preservation of South Africa’s fauna and flora heritage.  South Africa is blessed with an amazingly wide variety of plants, trees, animals, birds and critters of all kinds.  It is a whirl of beauty, surprise, variety and grandeur that needs our care and responsibility.

You will be able to take back with you photographic marvels and beautiful memories but you will also be given the opportunity to contribute to its preservation in any way you like, even if it is merely to feel that you have been able to admire and appreciate its beauty.

Eco famba will take you to animal sanctuaries where you can  learn about rehabilitation programs, such as the De Wildt Cheetah Centre, the Moholoho Cheetah Centre,  the Elephant sanctuary and the Lion Park in Johannesbsurg.  You will have the opportunity to donate to help rehabilitate certain animals or fund projects for research or support existing and future breeding projects.

There will also be tours to the Kruger National Park, other National Parks, Botanical Gardens or Zoological Gardens, all of which have conservation, rehabilitation and preservation programs to which one can contribute.

Eco Famba’s message is that what we enjoy now needs to be maintained for our tomorrow.  Some species are on the brink of extinction, others are in dire straights, some eco-systems are threatened and what we do now for them will be our pleasure in the future.