Highveld Adventure

The Highveld is not a very distinctive part of the country. Its weather is cold in winter with average temperatures of 0 C and hot in summer with its temperature averaging at 35 C. So, although the landscape and weather may seem relatively bleak, the Highveld has gold and glitz, and is the wealthiest and busiest part of the country. Including the entire Gauteng province ranging from Johannesburg and Pretoria to Hartebeespoort dam.

Highveld also offers a range of unique and interesting adventures on offer Ranging from various hiking trails in craters, to bungee jumping between the cooling towers of a an abandoned power station or going white water rafting. The Highveld has a summer rainfall therefore white water rafting can only be done in summer during the rainy months starting around October. Most activities are not really specific to a particular season except the white water rafting, but appropriate clothing should be worn according to the weather.