Historical Sites


 Willem Prinsloo Agricultural Museums

Open all week there are special craft activities performed on Saturdays. It is an open air museum depicting farm life in the Transvaal when farm people still made their own candles distilled their own spirits, baked their own bread and only the more wealthy and enterprising ploughed their fields with steam tractors. The exhibits include all manner of implements both inside the home stead and for farming use including a collection of horse drawn carriages.

City Hall

Although not strictly speak a museum city hall is a must for music lovers who can appreciate the country’s largest organ. That has 16000 pipes 146 tops and a million of 32 cylindrical bells.  City hall has a beautiful domed clock tower, inaugurated in 1935. The Garden is home for sculptor Gert steynberg two statues of Andres Pretorius after whom Pretoria was named.

Voortrekker Museum

The Voortrekker museum is a rather imposing monument perched on a hill, south west of the city. The monument boasts the second longest frieze in the world depicting afro Boer history. The cenotaph in the basement is illuminated by the sun at 12 o clock non on the 16th December.  The words on the centographs are the last words of “Die Stem’ (ons vir jou suid afrika), now incorporated into South African national anthem.

The Pretoria Art Museum

Situated in Arcadia Park the museum’s collection is mainly of South African works of well-known artists who lived and worked in Pretoria including the works of Coert Steynberg, Pierneef, Walter batiss and Anton van wouw.

Ditsong National Cultural History 

 Museum, depicting the cultural heritage of all south Africans explores South Africa’s cultural diversity in various permanent and temporary exhibitions. Exhibitions include rock paintings and engravings of the San people; thousand year old Iron Age figurines from Schroda in the Limpopo Province

Ditsong Museum of Natural History 

 Depicting the history of life on earth which includes a display of nearly 870 southern African birds.The Museum’s collections and exhibits include hominid fossils from the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site and associated fauna, including Mrs Ples [the nickname attributed to a fossil skull believed to represent a distant relative of all humankind]; fossils, skeletons, skins and mounted specimens of amphibians, fish, invertebrates, reptiles and mammals.

Kruger House museum 

 Commemorates the life of Paul Kruger, former president of the Zuid Afrikaansche (Transvaal) Republiek. The interior has been faithfully recreated to look exactly as it did when Kruger lived in it more than a century ago.

Air force Memorial & Museum

Depicts the history of the South African Air Force. This museum houses a collection of old aircraft, has uniforms, metals and                        paintings on display.

Apartheid Museum

Across from an amusement park, the Apartheid Museum is essentially a museum about this period in South African history, vividly expressed and sometimes a brutal reminder of the past.  It is a museum that keeps you both intellectually and emotionally involved.  It is a very real museum, not just interesting objects on show.  The video at the start gives an invaluable insight into appreciating the entire focus of the museum.

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