Situated at the confluence of the shahse and Limpopo Rivers, Mapungubwe borders Botswana and Zimbabwe. A granite like natural fortress hosted what archaeologist now believe to an ancient and surprisingly advanced culture. Tens of Thousands of artefacts have already been excavated from this and other nearby sites including much gold copper and iron artefacts. Jewellery ornaments, tools pots have been carbon dated to place the culture at living there some 1000 years ago and trading beyond the eastern seaboard, to china, Malaysia, India and Arabia.

Game and nature viewing is part of this park including buffalo, elephant, Giraffe, hyena and many other Africa critters. A boardwalk was built in the trees which makes one feel an integrated part of ones surroundings and a unique experience in Africa. TH archaeological sites, rock foundations, bird and animal life. Flood plains and divine forests all combine to create an unforgettable park.

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